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  • Initialize construction kick-off meeting with General Contractors and all the subsequent sub-contractors.
  • Review the Construction drawings with the general contractor and the sub-contractors for the mobilization of the project.
  • Review all the rules and regulations for the project.
  • Review all Insurance Policies of the General Contractor and all the sub-contractors.
  • Provide the current project construction schedule to all sub-contractors.
  • Oversee and coordination of all long lead items.
  • The construction manager shall schedule weekly meetings to discuss such matters as procedures, progress and scheduling.
  • Routine daily visits to the site, to inspect quality of work and production. Insure safe work environment and resolve any conflicts in the construction documents.
  • Schedule lab inspections on behalf of the owner, for the different phases of the projects.
  • Review field change orders if warranted.
  • Revise the sequence of construction if necessary and update the construction schedule with the general contractor to ensure deadlines.
  • Construction manager shall make recommendations of courses of action to the owner when requirements of the contract are not being fulfilled.
  • Construction manager shall endeavor to obtain satisfactory performances from each contractor.
  • The construction manager shall monitor and show actual costs for activities in progress and estimates for uncompleted tasks by way of comparison with such approved estimate.
  • Develop cash flow reports and forecasts for the project and advise owner as to variances between actual and budgeted or estimated costs.
  • Implement procedures for the review and processing of applications for partial or final payments by contractors.
  • Construction manager shall observe and evaluate each contractor’s application of payment. All amounts are verified and certified.
  • Construction manager shall review all requests for changes.
  • Maintain accurate copies of project documents including, construction documents, specifications, submittals, shop drawings, project files, government permits, testing reports and occupancy documentation.
  • Coordinate and assist in conducting inspects to determine whether the work of designated portion thereof is substantially completed.
  • Maintain a positive relationship with the owner, lender, city and state authorities and tenants.
  • Construction manager shall maintain ethical, professional, and courteous relations with contractors and sub-contractors and maintain calm and professional demeanor in emergency situations.
  • Review invoices and post construction submittals obtained from contractor including the following:
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Air balance Report
  • MSD Sheets
  • Release Liens
  • Warranties (if appropriate)
  • Complete Punch list

The fee will be (5%) five percent of the total job costs, including any approved changes to the original bid.

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