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Initial Meeting with the Prospect - Key personnel are interviewed at the prospective tenant’s existing facility, and information gathered as to the nature of their spatial requirements.

Preparation of Preliminary Space Plan - The optimum tenant location in the building is determined with either the Owner or his Agent. Data gathered from the prospective tenant is developed into an efficient, operationally sound plan.

Preparation of Space Plan - After reviewing the Preliminary Space Plan with the prospective tenant, the changes requested by the prospect are included in the Space Plan. This plan is used as the basis of the lease agreement. The plan is reviewed with the Prospect and is requested to make any changes desired. ArchiTECH Design & Development Inc. will hold the revised Space Plan until a lease is signed.


Preliminary Pricing Plans are an optional phase designed to provide the owner with pricing information prior to finalizing the lease agreement. This information will be tailored to each tenant’s specific needs. The pricing Plan will include an itemized description for the following information.
  • Existing walls to remain, demolition, new construction
  • New/relocated doors
  • Telephone/electrical indications
  • Above building standard items, i.e. special light fixtures, millwork, glass partitions and/or doors, upgraded finishes, etc.

A Preliminary Construction Document is prepared and submitted to the tenant after a lease is signed. This document is a revised space plan, with a comprehensive check list of all information the tenant needs to supply to ArchiTECH Design & Development Inc. in order for the construction documents to be prepared.

Upon receipt of the necessary information the Tenant Construction Documentation Package is prepared containing the following:
  • Partition plan showing all existing and new partitions, doors, etc.
  • Reflected ceiling plan, indicating locations of building standard light fixtures in sufficient detail to be coordinated with Owner’s electrical engineer
  • Finish plan notes and schedules on wall finishes, floor covering from building standards
  • Specifications on all partition walls, hardware, doors, etc.
  • Electrical plan, indicating locations only of switches, power/telephone outlets, etc. based on particular tenant requirements
  • Coordination and issuance of interior construction drawings to all engineers and contractors representing the Owner
  • These documents, drawings and specifications will be arranged in a manner from which firm prices for construction can be obtained
The completed package would be submitted to Owner, Contractor and Tenant in accordance with appropriate operational procedures.

Definition of Basic Service Drawings - Basic Service Drawings will incorporate and indicate building standard construction items as follows:
  • Partitions, type and location
  • Doors, type and swing
  • Hardware
  • Electrical outlets
  • Data outlets
  • Light switches
  • Finishes
  • Reflected ceiling plan indicating light fixtures and air conditioning supply and return grills.
  • Room names and numbers
  • Space Planning Preliminary Pricing Documentation
Preliminary Pricing Documentation These services shall be provided for an additional fee.
Less than 2500 NRA: additional $1000
Over 2500 NRA: additional $1.50/NRA
(excluding revisions)
  • Tenant Construction Documentation
This service would be completed for standard building installation.
$1.50/NRA for Basic Construction Document excluding revisions (minimum $2,500).
This rate excludes MEP consulting fees.
  • Hourly Fee Schedule
Draftsperson $90/hr
Project Designer / Architect $125/hr
Senior Designer / Architect $150/hr


Client shall pay out-of-pocket expenses incurred by ArchiTECH Design & Development Inc. relating to the project. Possible examples include reproduction cost (+10%), long distance telephone calls, local and out-of-town travel expenses (33c per mile), messenger service, and postal service fees.

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